Networking for Jesus in the 21st century...

Due to COVID-19 and continued repair work in the Church the Building remains Closed for the foreseeable future. 
Any further developments will be posted here and on our Facebook Page/Group.
The building may be closed but the church is still very much alive!  This website has always opened with the following words:

“This church exists to witness to the presence of God in the community of Boreham.  It seeks to serve all who live here, as well as those who have any connection with the village. So if you live in Boreham, or want to find out more about our Parish, please explore our website “
 ….. And in this nothing has changed. The rhythm and life of prayer of the church continues in our homes but the current situation is challenging us all to find new and more inventive ways of keeping in touch and loving both God and neighbour so we now also have a facebook page and are working with our sisters and brothers in the St Francis community and beyond to live stream early morning prayer and night prayer and also Sunday services , even Edward Bear has taken to Facebook Live!…. Who knows what more will come? This site will give links to online services, prayer materials, ways of helping to serve the community and more as time goes on  -  watch this space!

Tomorrow we are marking #ClimateSunday at St. Andrew's 10:30am - Br Sam SFF will be speaking to us. Please join us,…
just us