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St Andrew's Church Choir has long been at the heart of the church community. As well as leading the singing at the weekly liturgy, the Choir sings two large concerts a year, a Carol Service at Christmas and a Choral Evensong. For many years now the Choir has also been invited to sing at Chelmsford Cathedral for the Annual Service of the Essex Association of Change Ringers. We have a wide repertoire - from sacred to secular, ancient to modern, local to global and sublime to ridiculous! Our membership is equally varied and come from all walks of life. The main focus of the Choir is having fun singing together and praising God through our music. We welcome new members - there are varying levels of commitment. We practice in church on a Friday night from 7.30pm to 9pm.

“Work and life can be stressful and the Choir is a great escape as it calms the mind. I love taking part in concerts and enjoying the harmonies of the choir surrounding you. Through the Choir I have made lasting friendships that I will cherish.”

“The opportunity to support and participate, through music, in the ceremonial aspects of the church is uplifting and also provides
me, through the pattern of worship, with a sense of continuity with fellow Christians. The physical aspects of the building links me
with the rich history of the church sitting in the same location for hundreds of years which has supported the community it serves.”

“We have had another excellent year at Choir and I thoroughly enjoy our practices despite having to drive a total of 60 miles in
order to attend.”

“Being in a choir helps build on existing talent or nurture new talents which is true in the case of the Junior Choir. St. Andrews
Junior Choir has grown gradually and helps teach the children respect, cooperation and helps build their self esteem. Children can
be confident but need to realise their worth within a larger group to create and enjoy music."

“There have been many memorable moments in the Choir, the most recent being Evensong, which sounded fantastic. It was very
uplifting and worth all the practice. The Choir is a team, good friends and a good distraction from the stresses of everyday life."

“My favourite memories are those when the Junior Choir have performed. The children have grown in confidence and competence,
I feel privileged to be part of it. The Choir are like my second family and my best friends, we are a small community that just love to
sing together and support each other in times of need!”

“I enjoyed singing Choral Evensong on Palm Sunday 2014, I think it was best we had ever sung. I like singing with other people.”

“Singing at the weddings of current and former Choir members is always very special. The Choir's range of music from sacred pieces
right through to modern pop is brilliant!”

“I really enjoy singing in the concerts, especially last summer. Plenty of fellowship and friendship and it is great when we can join up
and sing with other choirs also.”

“As one of the newer members of the Choir, I have to say I love the way I have been made to feel part of a family I have made lots
of new friends, and even though I don't sing in the regular Sunday morning choir, I am still made to feel part of the team. Great
music, great friends, and good fun, come and join us.”

“I really enjoy all the Choir performances I have taken part in so far, but as this was my first Palm Sunday Evensong I found this to be
a rather special one. I enjoy being part of the Choir as I find the experience of singing together spiritually uplifting and rewarding
when all the rehearsing results in such a wonderful sound. I also enjoy the company and friendship of other choir members.”

“I feel that the level of singing always reaches a very high standard by the time the date of a concert or performance arrives. It is
good to have different musicians with us at the concerts.”

“'It's good to sing a great variety of music and be in a church choir which serves the community.”

“I have been joining St Andrew's Choir for a few years now for their bi-annual concerts and it is a great opportunity to meet with
members of another church and choir, share musical experiences, and make some real friends, so much so that I have also
introduced two other members . I would strongly encourage anyone to join, no matter what their musical ability.”

Director of Music: Owain Jones
Organist: Fay Hepworth
Band: Debora Overington (clarinet) & Ann Martin (guitar)

“I think that the music of the St Andrew's Choir underpins our worship in a most delightful way. Hymns are, in many senses, sung
prayers and the combination of words and musical harmony in the setting of worship can give a real spiritual and emotional sense
of connection to the cycle of life of the Christian community in this ancient village.”

“We liked the Choirs' rendition of the Military Wives Choir song Wherever You Are. We also very much enjoy the Choir singing
whilst the congregation takes communion”

“The Choir is much valued and it is very good to see the Junior members taking part. The concerts are well attended and very


“That my music can be a part of the community that is St Andrew's, and that I can (in a small way ) contribute to events now and
then reveals the inclusive and generous aesthetic that is at the heart of this Christian fellowship.”
Jeffery Wilson (composer, performer and music educator)

“Since becoming Head teacher at Boreham Primary School in April 2013 I have had the absolute pleasure of attending several
church services at St Andrew's Church which have involved several of my pupils in the Junior Church Choir. This included a superb
performance at the Family Service back in June 2013 to officially welcome me and my immediate family as the new Head teacher of
Boreham School and at the evening concert to celebrate Boreham in Bloom a month later. I was so very proud of all of the children
who performed magnificently and with such confidence and pride. You can see how much they enjoy singing for the pleasure of
others and it gives them a sense of self-confidence too. They are not just exceptional ambassadors for the school but to the village
of Boreham too.” Ian Bowyer (Headteacher, Boreham Primary School)

“As part of the local musical community, Boreham Ladies Choir has enjoyed joining both the Church and Junior Choir for a variety of
events. It is great that Owain and the Church Choir are continuing to sustain this musical focus within our community.”
Simon Warne (Musical Director, Boreham Ladies Choir)


“The Choir continue to bring a huge amount to the life of the church. One personal highlight was the singing of the Military Wives
Choir song on Remembrance Sunday which really added something new to our commemoration of those who died in war. It
continues to be a delight to see the way in which the Junior Choir is developing and the way in which they are singing more
complicated music, and I really enjoyed the blessing they sung at the conclusion of this year's Mothering Sunday service.”
Revd. Lee Batson (Priest in Charge 2008-2017)

We are always keen to welcome new member to the Choir, and the Band.  If you have any requests for hymns or music in church, please feel free to see me in church or email me!

Owain Jones

Music Director
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