About us

St Andrews Parochial Church Council members

   Currently Vacant (Vicar)
   Sue Howlett (Assistant Minister)
   Suzanne Harris (Churchwarden and Mission and Ministry Partnership Council)
   Peter Horton (Churchwarden and Deanery Synod)
   Lynn Mann (Secretary)
   Debora Overington (Treasurer)

   Teresa Heaney
   Sheila Brace (Pastoral Assistant / Deanery Synod)
   Gill Dickson (Safeguarding Officer/Vunerable Persons Representative)
   Cynthia Cronin
   Tony Freeman (Assistant Churchwarden)
   Gill Symes (Co-opt)
   Marian Hart
   Phil Hart (Assistant Churchwarden)
   Iain Lello
   Richard Wood (Co-opt)
   Richard Wilks

Other Key People

   Owain Jones (Music Director)
   Wendy O'Neill (Pelly Room Bookings)