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Twiddle Blankets

St. Andrew’s Church is asking for 4″ squares to be knitted to make into Twiddle Blankets.

These blankets are squares sewn together, with a decoration such as a button or a tassel etc. on each square. They help to calm people with dementia when they are agitated.

There is a pattern on the following website:


If you can help with this project and have any queries, please contact Marian Hart throught the Contacts Page HERE.

Completed squares can be delivered to 6 Church Greern, Church Road, Boreham (opposite the churchyard), where there will be a box outside the house for the purpose, If you would like to make a complete blanket you will need 20 x 4″ squares to create a blanket 20″ x 16″, which is a recommended size. However, the maximum size is is 24″ x 16″

Thank you for your support.